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babyspecs   in reply to FireVictimsNeedOurHelp   on

About FireVictimsNeedOurHelp

I was so sad when I saw the subline on the news this morning.  I immediately looked online to see what I could do to help.  I even viewed her myspace page to get a feel for the woman that she was & she seemed to be a wonderful person & a very proud mom.  You have my sympathy (an empathy).

I would like to help you in any way that I am able.  I have a son and PLENTY of clothing that I would love to donate & know that it makes a difference.  If you would like to contact me to let me know where I can send the items, my email is 

Hoping that Jayme's sister will have a full recovery & be able to raise her children.  I will pray for you all.


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